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2 Months Lapping Oz | Patrolin Aus

Is it all we thought it would be? Hell No!!! Challenge Accepted Though!!

Expectations VS Reality – Is it different? Would we change it? We have just clicked over our first 2 months and 10, 651 Klms on the road. Was it all that we thought it would be? No way that’s a massive Hell No! Did the reality meet the expectation? No freakin’ way!

Would we change it? Probably Not!

We had expectations of cruising around enjoying chilled, relaxed bliss, beautiful touristy days checking out all that the places we were staying in had to offer, Fishing all day and pulling into camps or caravan parks on a whim and naturally just enjoying the “traveling vibe” that we have read about on the other traveling blogs.

Well let me tell you, The reality – it isn’t all like that and just like home you have a constant array of Challenges, Obstacles and Good old Murphy’s Law kicking you in the butt! Then there is the Grumpy attitudes, the sniping and snapping and exhaustion. NOT FUN AT ALL!

The last 2 Months have seen – Our brakes catch on fire, An Evacuation from camp due to bushfires, a public holiday that snuck up and unexpectedly caused us to have to change direction, another camp closure due to Bush Fires and a massive deluge of rain that lasted several days and sent us to a motel lol. Our Older Son struggling with our departure and us struggling leaving him behind (hardest thing I have ever had to do). Oh and a Kangaroo jumping into the front of our camper trailer damaging the front stone guard on the camper just this morning! Add in the full free camps or closed camps and the caravan parks that fill up so quick you can’t get a booking!

Situations like the above can really throw a spanner in the works and cause unnecessary bickering and stress. With most of the above happening in the space of 3 weeks we were all a bit overwhelmed and stressed therefore we decided to Stop Regroup and Replan. This meant changing things to make it less stressful for ourselves and give us some of that awesome ‘Traveling Vibe” we see others posting about! And try and figure out why everyone was Grumpy, Snappy and Snipy (we are still figuring that part out lol) (I’m thinking it may be personality flaws haha)

Our new plan was similar to that of a FIFO situation. Week on Week Off – this means we spend week on Adventuring and Checking out all the Tourist style attractions in the area we are in then Week Off we catch up on our homeschooling (that’s a whole other posted GRRR), we relax, Read,fish, explore our camp area and just enjoy our surroundings.


What a big difference this made! I think we all focus way to much on cramming so much in with the mindset that we need to see “Everything” and you just can’t, it is not physically or emotionally possible to expect to be able to cover all that ground in set time frames or the one visit! A definite reminder to slow down and make sure we enjoy the wonderful opportunity we have given ourselves. Many other families would love to be doing what we are doing and we owe it to ourselves to make this opportunity absolutely bloody Epic!!

With all the challenges and obstacles though has come some amazing & outstanding, Magical Moments, Memories & Misadventures. We have ticked off several major bucket list items, found some gorgeous secret little spots and delighted in the many beautiful natural wonders we have seen! We have also decided we need way more time to fully check out our favourite spots. So far the best part for all of us has been Glenrowan and The VIC High Country we really really loved these places!

I am sure many families hitting the road will experience similar situations and issues like us and you know what that’s ok. It doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong, it doesn’t mean you are not meant to do it and it doesn’t mean you are unlucky. It’s just life and sometimes these things all happen so that you Stop and Regroup, refresh and reapproach things from a different angle.

And I think we also need to understand that such a big lifestyle change requires an adjustment period and time to get a handle on the emotions flowing through our systems from all the pre trip organisation, the clearing out of all your belongings, the goodbyes and the new lifestyle. It can all be a lot to chew on and process. So remember its normal, just breathe, take in a sunrise or sunset and remind yourself why you are doing it and how amazing and special the time will be. My advice – its not going to be all sunshine, Roses and Perfection so don’t leave expecting that. Life is full of curveballs, challenges and misadventures – Grasp them, deal with them and make them part of your story and your memories.

“Forge the misadventures with the memories and they tell one hell of a story”‘