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Camper Trailer | Patrolin Aus

Every day we are asked heaps of questions about traveling this great country in a Camper Trailer – The questions vary from Weather Elements to Storage Space and everything in between. It would seem a vast majority of travelers are deciding to go with a Camper Trailer type set up for their big lap or indefinite travels as opposed to purchasing a caravan or motorhome.

Purchasing Our Camper

First, let me introduce our Camper Trailer – We have an Austrack Savannah X Forward Fold. Now there are several different types of campers Soft Floors, Rear Folds, Forward Folds, Hybrids and so on all of these models have different style setups, inclusions and set up/pack down time frames.

When we were looking to upgrade from our soft floor Camper we had a list with points that were a must, points that were a need and points that were a want. We looked for months and were met with all types of Customer Service and Camper Styles and were somewhat disappointed with the quality on offer and the disgraceful sales service from a few of the camper trailer companies at some of the shows we had attended.

Picking up Our Camper

By absolute fluke after a horrifying experience with another Camper trailer company at the RNA Camping Show, we came across Linden the owner of Austrack Camper Trailers, he impressed the hell out of us. His knowledge, experience and down to earth attitude was extremely refreshing.

We loved the style of camper, the quality, space and the extras, we went back 2 days in a row to check out the camper, and Linden answered all of my 1 million 700 questions with patience & not once made us feel pressured, for us that was important as we were making a huge decision buying a brand new Camper it was our very first brand new toy and we planned to spend alot of time in it while on our Lap of Australia and all our trips before we set off.

Fast Forward 1 week and we were picking up our brand spanking new Austrack Savannah X. With the excitement of a child at Christmas, we came home packed it and headed off for our first camping trip. Our very first set up took us an hour & I was all for taking this fancyass camper back like seriously our soft floor was quicker. I soon changed my tune when our next set up got quicker and within no time we were setting up in 10-20 Mins. Boom we had nailed it.

So Easy even the Teens Can set it up

We absolutely love it and to date we have set it up over 500 times. And made some of the best memories of our lives with it. So why did we choose a Camper instead of a caravan you ask? Simple it was what suited us, our needs and our lifestyle. We wanted to be able to go offroad as much as possible and hit up all those 4wd tracks and secret spots, to do this we needed our home on wheels to be versatile, have great off road capabilities, good running gear, easy & efficient to tow and small enough to get to those off grid sneaky spots but big enough to be comfortable for the 4 of us (at the time).

Some of the critical points when purchasing for us were: |Weight |Ease of Set Up & Pack Down |Quality workmanship|Running Gear| Inclusions| Storage|Off-Road Capability|After Sales Service|Solar System & Off-Grid Set Up |I’m sure there is a few more that I have forgotten to mention but you get the gist of it.

Often people are under the impression that a camper trailer will take more time to set up and pack down and will involve a lot more effort that a caravan or RV in many cases this isn’t true. We have ours organised so that everything has a place & is easily accessible. We don’t pull everything out of its place on set up that way there is minimal pack down. Set up is usually 15 minutes maximum and Pack up & Hitch is approximately 30 mins.

Helpful Tips to prepare for Pack up & Drive day

  • The night before Pack Down Awning/Gazebo/Walls
  • Boil Jug for thermos (ready for morning Cuppas) and Pack up Kitchen
  • Turn Off gas/Unplug hoses etc
  • Pack away Chairs & Table if you use one & if you unpack your car at each stop ensure its repacked – for us everything in the car has a spot and is easily accessible so again no need for us to unpack/repack anything.
  • We love the outdoors and often don’t use our awning we love being under the stars and if we do require shade we use a gazebo or the awning off of the car for a bit of protection.

One of the biggest issues we face with our camper is weather elements. Especially in WA with those epic westerly winds, they can be harsh and unforgiving at the best of times, but with a little tweak here and there we have it so that it doesn’t cause us too much drama if its windy. I mean there is still the obvious flap flap of that horrid fly over (ours will soon be canvas YAY!!) and the occasional rocking of the camper ( and not in that awesome adult time kind of rocking way) no this is like a shake rattle and hopefully no roll that makes it feel like we are going to blow away.

We have only experienced that twice in our entire time of owning the camper. Wet weather isn’t really a huge issue as the camper comes with a fully enclosable annexe and we will set that up if the weather is looking a bit dodgy. We haven’t had any rain leaks inside our camper at all and its held up famously in all of the elements we have been tested with thus far.

A sneak Peek inside our camper

Storage is also a question we are constantly asked about, and for me to answer this properly I would need to do an entire post on the topic. What I can briefly say is you don’t need a lot when traveling on the road and you would be surprised with what you can live without. I will put together a separate follow up post to this on Camper Trailer Storage. incl. Where we put our clothes, food, necessities, tools and all our laptops, cameras and batteries.

Now as with most new toys we all have certain modifications we would like to do or mods we find would help make things work better for us. In our case, we didn’t want to have to spend 20K + on a Camper Trailer then have to spend more money modifying it to suit our needs. We have only done a few small mods/upgrades to ours but nothing major and in all honesty, it doesn’t need it. We will run through Storage and Mods in Part Two.