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Who are we | Patrolin Aus


We are a family of 4 – Mum, Dad, Jordy (17), Seth (12) and our Fur baby Millie (6) we were all working fulltime between 50 and 60 hours a week, paying bills and debts. Basically, life had become a repetition of Work, Eat, Sleep Repeat we were over it and sick of the daily grind – Things had to change! We have been avid campers and explorers since we were kids and our kids have been camping and exploring since they were babies. We have always wanted to explore Australia and have a love of the outdoors therefore lappin’ aus sounded perfect and the fact we could spend more time with the boys was even better. This was almost 3 years ago, and we started Patrolin’ Aus.  helping farmers and caravan and camping grounds and posted about all our family adventures and road trips meanwhile we started paying off our debts and working towards our goals.

However, in 2017 I (Jo) was involved in a serious accident where my car was written off by a driver who was on his phone talking and hadn’t realised my car was stationery. Long Story short I ended up with several permanent Injuries and some Injuries that will heal within 3 to 7 years.

Much of the damage is in my Back with most of my discs being bulged/protruded , Hips and Shoulders still have torn muscles, ligaments and the nerve damage is extensive throughout all those areas, This makes sitting in an office chair all day impossible and sometimes I require assistance with even the simplest of tasks, being used to being a very independent person this has been difficult to get used to and there is a lot of restrictions on my daily life with this in mind we discussed going as soon as we could in case it became a lot harder for me to do later on. Fast forward lots of conversations, research and freak outs and we are hitting the road in Feb to travel Aus Woo Hoo.

So, come along follow our adventures and misadventures while we explore this magical country and everything it has to offer!


Meet Dad -Trev – 43

Loves his Fishing, 4wding, Camping, Bushwalks and Music he looks after our Car Maintenance Man, Camper Trailer Handy Man and Drone Extraordinaire. Trev also likes to do most of the driving (I think maybe mine scares him 😉)though he does share the seat sometimes. Trev has always worked fulltime so hitting the road and only working when needed will probably take him a bit to get used too but he is looking forward to knocking off all his fav bucket list items like and when he is not editing his drone footage he’s playing with his music or taking off in his kayak!

Meet Mum -Jo – 39

Pretty much loves all the same activities Fishing, 4wding, Camping etc. I too have always worked Fulltime with huge hours until my accident now I look after our little business, work remotely when needed I look after all our Social Media and Website updates, Budgeting and I am an awesome Navigator (except maybe that one-time😉). My most favourite hobby or form of time out is reading I absolutely love my books and can read for hours on end well ok days on end but SHHH lol. And my book or Kindle I should say is best enjoyed with a cup of tea and of course a few Tim tams.


MeetJordy 17 –

Jordy travels with us part time when he can or flies in to meet us at different destinations. He enjoys the 4wding, Camping and fun parts of the travel, however at 6ft 3 he really dislikes the long trips in the car and being stuck in the back seat lol. He Loves his Music, Adventuring and PlayStation and is also quite the Gym Junkie. He is looking forward to seeing Ayers Rock, Western Australia and The Cape.


MeetSeth 12 –

Seth is super excited about our lap of Aus., he loves History, Social Studies, Science and Exploring. He also loves his PlayStation, Minecraft, RainbowSiege and Music. When asked what he wanted to see his response was everything the main stick outs were the Crocodylus Park in Darwin, Otway’s Zipline, Dinosaur Trail Winton, Questacon Canberra and all the waterfalls and bushwalks (hmmm just a small request 😉)


Meet Millie 6 – Border Collie Mix

Millie is agorgeousfur girl we have only had her a short time, but we are so lucky to have her, she has a sweet nature, beautiful temperament and her 1 true love is Water any form of it, anywhere and it doesn’t even have to smell good ha-ha. Her 2nd true love is her ball she will chase it for hours and hours. She also loves car rides, camping and her swag bed. Happy to explore and hang with us. She loves her cuddle time and as long as someone is touching her, she is in heaven! Millie has quickly become Seth’s Best Friend